Unique Full Back Support System


Disabled Equipment Solutions’ unique Full Back Support System with One Strap feature is supplied as standard with all DES Prone Standing Frames.

– SF1 Infants Prone Standing Frame
– SF2 Pre-School Prone Standing Frame
– SF3 Primary School Prone Standing Frame

The ‘T’ shaped, upholstered board supports the back from the base of the spine to the shoulders firmly and comfortably, within the lateral supports. It can be adjusted so that support is even throughout.

The one strap feature simplifies the installation of the child into the standing frame, and reduces the number of straps and buckles usually necessary to just one.


The upper portion of the ‘T’ should be fitted at the shoulders which has the effect of keeping the shoulders and arms in a natural position.

This system has been in use for many years and we are sure that Therapists who are new to the system will enjoy experiencing their Clients feeling of security and comfort.