Corner Chairs

Corner Chair with Tray and Abduction Wedge

CHR3 – Large (Seat Depth 300 mm)
CHR4 – Small (Seat Depth 260 mm)


PLEASE NOTE:  We no longer supply this Item, but have left the information available as a reference for existing Clients.

The Corner Chair is a unique concept designed to provide all the usual features required of a chair of this type together with many more, all wrapped up in one parcel.

Ideally suited to group situations where various needs are encountered such as Kindergartens.

An exciting NEW concept

The Seat, Backrest, and Headrest are separate entities which can slide and be locked at any height along a single steel column.
Extensions are supplied to allow a variety of Seating possibilities.
chr3 components


– Abduction Wedge
– Chest Support and Pad
– Grip Bar and/or Toy Bar to attach to Tray
– Crutch Strap
– Chest Strap (use with Elastic Strap for Extra Support)
– Four Point Harness

It’s FUN to try various possibilities!

The modular Chair Components can be mixed and matched to give a variety of Seating Options:

Seat Flat on Floor + Small Bar = Long Leg or Floor Seating
Seat Raised on Frame =  Bent Leg Sitting at Variable Heights
Need a headrest? Use the Longer Extension Bar to add Headrest
Tray fits into Slots on the Backrest Component

Description Detail
Seat Depth -Backrest to Seat Edge Small = 260 mm
Large = 300 mm
Seat, Tray and Headrest All Heights are Variable to suit Client
Seat to top of Side Supports Min 200 mm (locate where required)
Seat to Tray – underside Min 100 mm (moves with Backrest)
Age Range Suitable for up to 5-6 years of age
Columns 250 mm length – Seat & Backrest
500 mm length – Seat, Back & Headrest
Use Both Extensions for Full Height Seating