Youth / Adult Prone Standing Frame



PLEASE NOTE:  We no longer supply this Item, but have left the information available as a reference for existing Clients.

The new SF8 Youth / Adult prone standing frame has been carefully designed, and constructed from quality materials. It is designed to provide support for prone standing where head control is not a prime concern.

The standing frame is supplied with our unique back support system, hip and axilla lateral supports together with lateral leg supports.

Standard Features

– This is a customised item designed to suit an individual Client and should be requested in consultation with a Therapist or

–  Strong steel frame
–  Adjustable Axilla, Hip and Leg Padded Lateral Supports
–  Large activity Tray
–  Full Back Support System (as with all our Prone Standing Frames)
–  Large non-marking rubber tyred locking castors
–  Wind Out and Back Tilt to approximately 20 degrees
–  Maximum weight 95 kg


– Small breast plate for smaller persons – SF81


–  Constructed from welded square section steel tube for strength
–  Timber portions of the frame are finished in a clear lacquer
–   Vinyl Covered Padding is provided where required


Adjustments are simple and easily made. Many can be done witout tools, whilst the user is in position. Hand nuts and hand screws are fitted where appropriate.

Breast plate


R0010987The Breast Plate height is adjusted by the 4 Hand Nuts at the rear of the Main Board.

–  Loosen each hand nut
–  Adjust height
–  Re-tighten

Do not over tighten as damage to the timbers can occur.

Lateral supports


–  Lateral supports can be re-positioned
vertically and horizontally
–  Philips screwdriver is required
–  Loosen screws and position as required
–  Tighten screws

Leg / knee assembly


Leg / knee assembly can be positioned vertically as required.

– Loosen hand nuts at rear of main board
– Position as required
– Re-tighten hand nuts

Back support


Back support is held in position by a hook at the base of the support which is fitted into the bar with holes attached to the knee / leg assembly, and by the two strap sets which are attached to the lateral supports.


– Position the hook into the most suitable hole in the bar which will
provide firm pressure to the buttocks and clip the straps around
the back support

– Try various holes until an even pressure can be applied along
the length of the spineR0011017

Tilt angle adjustment


–  Turn handle anti-clockwise to increase
tilt angle
–  Turn clockwise to return to vertical

Locking castors


–  The rear castors with green lock tabs will
lock the castors directionally only, they
lock the wheels in line with the frame so
that they will not impede the footplate
–  The front castors with the black lock tabs
will lock the castors fully
–  The footplate is designed so the users
feet are as close as practical to the floor

Activity tray


–  Large 575 mm x 580 mm Tray with a lip
around 3 sides is supplied as standard
–  Sturdy fitting arrangement allows for use
with heavier items such as a Laptop,
Computer Keyboard or other activities

–  Adjustments include Height and Angle

To adjust vertical position of tray:R0011032

–  Hand screws on hinge brackets
–  Loosen and slide up or down to required
–  Re-tighten

To adjust angle of tray surface:R0011031

–  Adjust tilt by hand screw on telescopic
support arm
–  Loosen, adjust to suit
–  Re-tighten


Specification Dimension
Height heel to top of breast plate (Standard) 1170 to 1285 mm
Height heel to top of breast plate (Small) 1100 to 1210 mm
Lateral support between 270 to 370 mm
Leg / knee height from heel 400 to 510 mm
Tilt angle vertical to 20° approx
Maximum weight 95 kilos