Saddle Seat Stool

With Backrest

CHR60 Saddle Seat Stool

The Saddle Seat stool compliments the popular Wheelie Therapy Stool, providing both height and tilt seat adjustments for extra       support, comfort and versatility when working with young children. The seat tilts forward and back, and when adjusted correctly can help prevent back problems prevalent among people attending to the needs of children with disability.
The gas assist, adjustable height mechanism also allows the
attendant to move close to the child and to adjust the height to suit the activity.

Our Saddle Seat Stools (with or without backrests) are also used successfully by children with special needs, producing amazing
More and more Special Developmental Schools and Therapists are providing our Saddle Seats for children with special needs such as CP, hearing and sight impairments, posture issues and more.
They are finding them helpful in promoting correct posture for
children that slouch and /or have a condition such as scoliosis of the spine, or many other conditions.

Saddles are available in two sizes, with or without a Backrest:

Long Pommel – suits children from 12 years and all adults.     CHR60

Long Pommel with backrest – from 12 years to all adults.     CHR61

Short Pommel
– suits children from 3 years to 12 years.   CHR65
and Small Female Adults

Short pommel with backrest – from 3 years to 12 years. CHR66
and Small Female Adults


Without Backrest


–  5 Heavy Duty Twin Wheeled Castors ensures stability whilst
allowing a high degree of manoeuvrability
–  Ergonomically designed ‘Saddle’ style seat for user comfort
–  Pelvic tilt adjustment
–  Swivels 360 degrees
–  Minimum Height 420 mm with Standard Gaslift
–  Maximum Height 520 mm with Standard Gaslift
–  Option to change Gaslift to Increase or Decrease Heights
–   5 Options to choose from (400mm Min up to 720mm Max)

Available in 5 Height ranges:

CHR60/80            Min:   400mm           to             Max:    480mm

CHR60/100          Min:   420mm           to             Max:    520mm  Standard

CHR60/140          Min:   450mm           to             Max:    580mm

CHR60/160          Min:   490mm           to             Max:    650mm

CHR60/200          Min:   520mm           to             Max:    720mm