Infants and Pre School Tilt in Space Chairs

Pre School Tilt In Space Chair

CHR5-I (Infants) Tilt-in-Space Chair
CHR5-P (Pre-school) Tilt-in-Space Chair

  We no longer supply this Item, but have left the information available as a reference for existing Clients.

Standard features

  • Seating capsule tilts from 0 degrees to 45 degrees simply and
    effortlessly whilst child remains seated
  • Foot rest adjusts vertically
  • Seat adjustments
    • Depth (front to back)
    • Tilts up or down relative to the back rest
    • Adjusting key supplied
  • Head rest adjusts vertically
  • Lateral supports adjust vertically and horizontally
    (padded gloves supplied as standard)
  • Sturdy and easily cleaned vinyl upholstery
    over comfortable foam cushioning
  • 1 Lap strap or chest strap supplied as standard
    –  Extra strap available as option
  • Activity Tray supplied as standard
  • NEW! Adjustable angle tray brackets
  • Twin wheeled locking castors supplied as standard
Infants Tilt in Space Chair
Infants Tilt in Space Chair

Available Options

  • Grip bar and/or Toy bar to attach to tray
  • Adjustable scooped head support (replaces flat cushion)
  • Multi adjustable head rest
    Replaces standard head rest
    Suits flat or scooped
  • Abduction wedge
  • Chest support and pad fit to tray
    prevents child from flopping forward
  • Crutch strap set
  • Four point harness (Small, Medium & large)
  • Strap set (38 mm) with quick release buckle
    (900, 1000, 1100 mm)
  • Wide elastic chest strap (75 mm)
Infants Tilt In Space High Chair

Supportive Tilt High Chair

  • CHR5-I-H (Infants) Tilt-in-Space High Chair
  • CHR5-P-H (Pre-school) Tilt-in-Space High Chair

With all the features of the tilt in space chair, the high chair is as
‘at home’ in the lounge as it is in the kitchen. With the tray removed it is the right height to sit at the dinner table with the grown ups.


Description           Infants       Pre-school
Weight limits 25 Kilograms 35 Kilograms
Age / height 0 to 4 years / 102 cm 4 to 8 years / 128 cm
Backrest Height

Width between Laterals


190 to 330 mm


240 to 380 mm

Seat Depth 250 to 300 mm 290 to 360 mm
Seat Width

FootRest to Seat Height

Floor to Seat Height


130 to 220 mm

320 mm or 350 mm


220 to 350 mm

420 mm or 450 mm

Seat to Top of Headrest 400 to 520 mm 480 to 590 mm