SF4 Supine Standing Frame

SF4 2014
Side View with Tray


PLEASE NOTE:  We no longer supply this Item, but have left the information available as a reference for existing Clients.

This is a customised item designed to suit an individual Client and should be requested in consultation with a Therapist or

The SF4 Supine Standing Frame adjusts to suit children from 1000 mm to 1400 mm in height. This relates to ages 6 years and up to
12 years or more. The SF4 foot position is as close to the floor as possible to maintain normal eye contact with peers.

SF4 Horiz
Tilts Horizontal for easy client fitting

Standard Features
– Infinite adjustment within limits
– 2 pairs Lateral Supports with Padded Gloves
– Head Position is Adjustable
– 2 Body Straps with Quick Release Buckles can be located in any
position along the Upholstered Backrest
– Knee / Leg Positioning Assembly is Fully Adjustable to best suit
User and Condition
– Steel Frame is designed to Tilt and Lock at any Angle from
Horizontal to Vertical
– Large Non Marking Castors for quiet and smooth movement.
Front Wheels are Directionally Lockable for Easier Steering, and to
facilitate the Footplate.
The Rear Wheels are Fully Lockable for Safety
– Note that All Adjustments are made with Hand Screws and Nuts
or with the use of a Phillips Screw Driver

SF4 Front
Front View with Booster Base

Optional Extras
– The Scooped Headrest can be replaced
with Flat cushion if required
– Large Activity Tray with Lip around three
sides and Body Cut Out
Complete with fittings to Adjust and
Angle Adjustable brackets
– Grip Bar can be fitted to the Tray
– Toy Bar can be fitted to the Tray
– Chest Pad can be fitted to the Tray
(Prevents User Slumping)
– Six Point Harness can be supplied
(Fixes Waist, Chest and over Shoulders)
– Taddy Heel Cups for Positive Foot
Positioning (Small, Medium, Large & XLarge)
– Extra Straps with Quick Release Buckles
(38 mm x 900 mm, 1000 mm & 1100 mm)
–  Elastic Chest Strap (75mm) with velcro close
(700 mm, 800 mm & 900 mm)
– Booster Base for children shorter than 1000 mm Tall
The Booster Base effectively Reduces the Overall Length of the
Main Board by Adding a Height Adjustable Foot Plate which can be
located to suit the client


Specification Dimension
Overall Length (Heel to Top of Head) 1000 mm to 1400 mm
Weight Limits 65 Kilograms
Booster Base Adjust Length to suit Client
Heel to Axilla Variable
Width between Laterals 190 mm to 300 mm
Head Support Width 140 mm to 200 mm
Knee/Leg Saddle Bar & Clamp Bar Assembly Positioned to suit Client
Activity Tray Level – Angle Adjustable